The short answer about when is the right time to invest is always now but of course the longer answer is more complex.

The key is not the timing of the investment as much as the knowledge to know what to invest in at any given time and while a particular investment in one place might stack up today a similar investment elsewhere may make perfect sense.

While there are no total guarantees in any investment vehicle there are many ways to leverage passive income generation to stack the odds firmly in your favour and when you are looking at property opportunities it is essential to keep the emotions in check, get your sleeves rolled up for some hard work and prepare to ask hard questions of those who are going to be investing on your behalf.

Here are some food for thought considerations:

On a scale of 1 to 10 what is your appetite for financial risk where 1 is extremely cautious and 10 is prepared to risk your investment for the chance of a larger return?

How long are you willing to have your money in the market before returns start to realise?

Are you in for the long haul say 10 years or more or are you looking for something that can earn an income and be sold off in the shorter term say 3-5 years or maybe less?

Are you only interested in the domestic market or are you willing to explore global opportunities?

Are you interested in a narrow range of specific types of investment or are you more focused on the numbers involved and for you it is all about maximising returns?

Are you investing on a personal basis or are the opportunities you seek on behalf of a corporate interest for example a company of which you may be a director?

Who have you got advising you and what do you know about them? Are they open and frank about who they are and their track record to date? Can you speak with clients they may have to get a deeper sense of their commitment? Have you asked them if they invest in the products they recommend to others?

The one thing that is sure, regardless of what is happening anywhere in the world at any moment, there are good investments out there that will make you money and there are a host of crazy stuff you should not touch. As with all things a little knowledge can be dangerous so when that glossy brochure arrives, you see amazing products on a web site or at an exhibition or you get a call from a fast talking salesman, what will be your line of questioning and how much work are you willing to put in to deeply analyse what you see and hear and if you don't have the knowledge about a specific type of opportunity and marketplace who will you turn to for help? Naivety and a go-it-alone attitude should not be your strategy.

Cultivate working relationships with a circle of specialists who will be able to advise you and when your emotional instinct starts to rule the logical side of your head you will have people you can turn to who will help keep you on track. When it comes to putting your money on the line, the first and possibly best investment you will ever make is not in the clock on the wall but in the knowledge you acquire about the thing in which you will invest.

Ultimately the question should not be, 'Is this the right time to invest?' the question is, 'What is the right investment at this time?'


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