Growth in the Americas continues to show solid gains against 2014 currently at a little over 10 per cent up at US$229 billion on last year with the US 18 per cent ahead.


In Europe Germany is leading all others at 20 per cent gains year on year.


China is the big news, despite all the scare mongering it is currently over 40 per cent higher in volume terms than this time last year.


In the UK RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) recently forecast that house prices are likely to rise by 25% over the next 5 years with demand continuing to outstrip supply of stock. Rent rises are likely to increase by 3% over the year ahead.


According to the latest market intelligence report demand for property in the UK is now higher outside of London, up by 5% since the second quarter of the year.


To end September mortgage lending in the UK hit a 19-month high with that trend likely to continue. Meanwhile first time buyers are starting to take up 40 year lending periods in order to get onto the property ladder.


In the city, prime rental property over the medium term will be underpinned by demand with latest forecasts for the next five years showing the London economy continuing to strengthen as more people relocate to the capital for employment opportunities. Canary Wharf and the City of London combined are projected to see a 6.2% increase in the number of employees by 2020, taking the total workforce to over 770,000 which is likely to effect demand for rental properties in the area.


By 2025 it is expected that the student population in London will increase by 50 per cent with investment in student housing expected to reach £5.7billion by the end of the current year. Investment in the UK student housing market has risen from below £500million in 2010 to over £3.8billion in 2015 with over £1.5billion of that in London alone. Currently 28% of the student population in London are residing in houses of multiple occupancy.


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