They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but that is not true when that imitation has been created to dupe people into thinking they are you or in this case, us.

We have recently been contacted by a client who said he was interested in one of our investments in central London. This was a mystery in that while we have a very wide range of opportunities we currently do not have an investment in the specific location mentioned.

In following up to find out if there was an error on his part he kindly sent us screen shots of an Intsagram page purporting to be IQ Property Investments. The scammer had copied details and images from our website including our logo and built them into what is simply a vehicle for fraud including giving bank details (not ours) to which funds could be transferred. The email address given in the scam is simply our company name to an Outlook account.

Naturally we have reported the scam to the authorities and while we don't hold out hope of the scammer being caught we raise the issue here as a warning to all to be wary that what it says on the tin is not always what is on the inside.

If you are approached by anyone purporting to represent IQ Property Investments be assured we would never ask you to transfer money without due diligence and a lot of safety checks along the way.

If in doubt speak with Jeff or Rick via our office at Nostell Priory in Yorkshire.


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